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PART II. Is Donald Trump a Hostage of the Russian Czar Putin?

Aug 28, 2018 at 03:41 pm by mikewood

benedict donald financially compromised president trump russians using financial dirt on trump to manipulate him russian oligarchs russian kleptocrats russian murderer czar putin criminals billionaire thieves criminals in russia usa

Continuation from Section I of - Trump Presidency

Is the Donald a Hostage of Russian Murderers, Capitalists & Thieves?

Is the Trump & 'Bambino' Family so Criminally or Financially Compromised, that They are Betraying America?

Updated September 3 - August 23, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued. For PART I - click here BENEDICT DONALD: TRUMP BETRAYAL OF AMERICA & DEMOCRACY




Section II - Trump Presidency

Is the Don a Cheap Flim Flammin' Con & America's First Mob President?

In Part I I showed that there were about a dozen or so contacts made between what appears the Trump & 'Bambino' Crime Family, Trump close associates and top Trump Campaign officials during the Trump presidential campaign of 2016. There were eight in that report and I have yet to add to the list: 1) Trump lawyer / fixer Michael Cohen's two trips to the Czech Republic where he reportedly met with Putin associates, one of the alleged airplane hangar meets on October 30, 2016 at a Las Vegas hangar controlled by one of Trump's biggest campaign donors, Sheldon Adelson during which time both Trump's and Russian Oligarch Rybolovlev's planes were there at the same time which they said was 'coincidence'. They were also claimed to 'coincidence' in Charlotte, NC on 11/4/18 in same hangar.

I went on to show how Donald Trump then began passing legislation which stole $1.5 trillion or more from America's children, by borrowing money through the federal government to by paid by them to pay for a huge tax cut favoring the wealthy. I also noted that there were numerous deregulatory efforts Trump has made to hurt the environment, safety standards and universal healthcare that prior generations fought hard to enact, and that he has weakened America's position in the world through attempts to cripple the NATO alliance, destroy trade deals with the free democracies of the world, and has significantly reduced America's sphere of influence by undermining the free press and democratic processes in nations around the world.

Putin, the Russian Mob & the Russian Oligarchs aka Kleptocrats?

I then went on to talk about how Russia evolved / devolved following the Fall of the Berlin Wall into a struggling democracy that soon became what appears to have been a kleptocracy, where many - perhaps all - Russian Oligarchs bought protection for themselves as they consolidated their grip on what once were the Russian 'peoples' assets which included large natural resources companies and financial / banking entities.

When Putin came to power in 2000, following Yeltsin's fall, Putin attempted to reign in the free-wheeling, free-stealing kleptocrats, by turning the tables on them so that instead of them buying protection from independents, they had to rely on the Russian state - aka Vladimir Putin. The deal seemed to be that many of the Russian Oligarchs could keep a good part of their ill-gotten gains, but on the condition that when Putin called them into service for Russia - he expected them to comply. Putin was also reported to have good relations with the Russian mob, which is reported at least at one point to have had 300,000 people in its employ, including in America in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn and in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the key players died in 2009.

What I didn't yet include was that the Russian mob in the 1990's got involved in pump and run stock schemes during the internet stock bubble, and that one of those convicted in connection with one of the schemes, later became a Trump Soho associate or possibly partner. It is at this point that Felix Sater and the now defunct Bayrock enter, buying and selling apartments to the Russians and other seeming kleptocrats from places like Kazakstan where the BTA Bank loaned money to what appeared to be shell corporations which bought Trump Soho apartments.

Putin Betrayal of Russian Revolution Ideals? Crime syndicated continues.

Oligarchs pay for protection. Putin changes it where they get to keep the cash for protection, but they report to / through him.

Russian mob had been scamming Wall Street in 1990's. Pump n/ dump. Trump seemed to do the same w/ casinos.

Trump Soho: Shill Ivanka & Don Jr. Pumping Up Trump Organization Condos?

There was a lawsuit accusing Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. of hyping the sold status of Trump Soho far beyond the reality in order to facilitate sales, but the Manhattan District Attorney's office of Cyrus Vance Jr. decided not to prosecute and there was a campaign contribution of $10,000 alleged to have been made by Trump law firm Kasowitz. Both deny quid pro quo wrongdoing. How many times do we hear about these 'coincidences'?

The Oligarch Envelope Around the Seemingly Corrupt Trump Administration

I then described some of the oligarchs, but have yet to add some of the key players like Blavatnik, Fridman, Aven and Khan [Alfi Bank & Access Techno] - some or all of whom appear to have been indirect intermediaries between Putin's Russia and Don the Con's Administration.

Russian Oligarch Blavatnik reportedly was either planning or did go into business w/ Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in a Hollywood deal.

Fridman's Access Technologies donated over $1 million to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell whose wife, Elaine Chao the Transportation Secretary, was once on Murdoch's Fox Fake News board.

Robert Mercer became a hedge fund billionaire, bought into Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica and National Enquirer where he allegedly bought negative Trump stories to keep from the public. His yacht also spotted next to Rybolovlev's in Palm Beach in late 2016? need to confirm dates / location.

The Trump Family & Many People in the Administration Appear to be Financially Compromised by Virtue of Payments from Russians

The next and last section of Part I is a short description of many of the Trump family members, friends including the Murdochs, campaign officials and Trump Administration players - many of whom appear to have been compromised by the Russians through the use of mob-like payments, which seem to include some measure of Godfather-like loyalty. A loyalty promise that FBI Director Jame Comey and Jeff Sessions refused to make.

Former FBI Director James Comey & Current Attorney General Jeff Sessions Keep Their Promise to the American People

These two men swore loyalty to the rule of law and the United States Constitution and the American People - which at present both men appear to have kept.

CLICK here to read the rest of our report about whether a financially compromised president who appears a hostage of the Russian mob-like kleptocrats who appear to be possible murderers and thieves of the Russian people's wealth.

Is the Don a Cheap Flim Flammin' Con Man & America's First Mob President?

Is the Trump & 'Bambino' Family so Criminally or Financially Compromised, that They are Betraying America?

Updated August 27 - August 22, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

I need to add these guys into the Oligarchs section and the Trump Players Compromised Section.


Vekselberg & Connections - players & moscow / wilbur Ross / cypress / real estate / tech / hedge / opposites


Giuliani - Kazak / Romania / Turkey / Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani's firm was allegedly associated [doing business w/ and had office in Kazak capital Alyszmaty] with the Kazak money laundering kleptocrats involved in Trump Tower. Rudy also reportedly tried to get another alleged Turkish kleptocrat off the hook and back into Turkey. Did he do this as emissary during Trump admin to Turkish president Erdogan?

And GUILIANI allegedly did deal w/ Ukraine to give arms in exchange for NOT COOPERATING WITH FBI INVESTIGATION. THIS SEEMS TREASONOUS.


And now Rudy is writing the Romanians about leaving another kleptocrat client alone? He says it was a personal letter - not from the Trump admin. But Rudy also says that "the truth isn't the truth". Right. Not while Donald Trump and his cast of criminals are in office? How far Rudy has fallen. It's a tragedy.


Trump NSA Director Michael Flynn - Has Dinner w/ Putin in Dec of 2015. Does work w/ Erdogan.


Vimpelcom / Mercer Renaissance Technologies / Mnuchin / Mikhail Fridman / Alfa.

Alfa / Rosneft & BP Deal in 2012 / they were allegedly spying on the Brits?

Russian Kaspersky Software and spying on U.S.A. ?

Maskevitch & ... Mogilvechich the Russian Mob godfather & Putin.


Did the Russian Mob kill Seth Rich, a data guy in Democratic party? Two guys - not one - hit him and took no money.


PART VI. Is the Don an Immoral, Financially Compromised, Compulsive Losing Gambler?

Has the Flim Flamming Phony Con Man Compromised his Children by Enlisting them in his Betrayal of America?

Is Putin Holding Trump Hostage by Threatening to Release Compromising Material on him or Showing his Children Betraying Their Country?

A lot of the names, dates and places in this section I am summarizing from various Wikipedia reports about the Donald, his children and his companies.

So while former KGB operative Putin was climbing to power in the 1990's in Russia, and consolidating it in the first decade of the 21st century, what was one of New York City's most spoiled rich kids doing?

Derelict Don Shows Penchant for Deviance Early On

Did the Donald hit his MUSIC TEACHER? Sign of deviant behavior to come? Sent to military school perhaps father thought it would smooth out rough edges. It didn't seem to.

According to Trump graduated from Wharton with a B.S. [Bachelors of Science - I know it really was a b.s. degree] in Economics in 1968. After four student deferments, Trump obtained a medical deferment for bone spurs in his feet.

Trumps Settle Discrimination Suit without Admission of Guilt

In 1969 Fred Trump had quietly settled a discrimination suit that purported that Trump was racially discriminating against people of color [not sure if there was more than one discrimination suit - see same or second suit below]. It's worth noting that the Donald's father, Fred Trump, was also arrested during a KKK march in Queens in the 1920's.

Only a couple of years out of college, in 1971 Fred Trump named Donald president of his company, which the Donald renamed the Trump Organization. In 1972 the Donald was reclassified to 4-F for the Draft, which disqualified him for military service. In 1973 a federal lawsuit was filed against Trump for discriminating against African Americans. The Trumps settled in 1975, admitting no wrongdoing, but delegating applicant approval to the Urban Justice League.

Donald Becomes Millionaire the Easy Way - Inheritance & Marries & Sires Children

Trump's grandmother had set up a trust fund for him and his siblings in 1949, and his father gave his children and grandchildren a $1 million trust fund - each - in 1976. Trump married Czech model Ivana Zelnickova, an immigrant in 1977. The couple had three children, Don Jr (1977), Ivanka (1981) and Eric (1984). They divorced in 1992 reportedly because of the Donald's affair with his soon-to-be next wife, Marla Maples.

Add in Melania & son.

The Donald Meets the Mob & Murdoch Thru their Lawyer - Roy Cohn

In 1978 Trump began working on his first development project in Manhattan, a 50 story building replacing the Commodore Hotel near Grand Central. The Donald received a $70 million loan, which his father and the Hyatt Hotel chain guaranteed. The hotel opened in 1980 as the Grand Hyatt. In 1980 he also purchased the land occupied by a Bonwit Teller store, demolished it and erected Trump Tower, completing it in 1983. A crew of undocumented Polish workers demolished some of the art deco pieces in the Bonwit Teller store that had been slated for preservation.

New Jersey legalized casino gambling in 1977. In 1982 Trump with Harrah's, the gaming unit of Holiday Inn, began construction on Harrah's at Trump Plaza [renamed Trump Plaza & Hotel Casino], which opened in 1984. In 1986 due to poor financial results, Trump bought out the Holiday Inn stake in 1986. In 1990 the Trump Taj Mahal opened and the revenue of the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino nearly cratered.

Met Rupert Murdoch through Roy Cohn around the time of Reagan's election.




ENTER THE FLIM FLAM MAN - DON THE CON Meets Wilbur Ross Thru Bankruptcy

Trump nearly defaulted on a payment in 1991, declared bankruptcy in 1992 and then restructured. In 1992 Trump was involved in three separate bankruptcies related to his casino and the Plaza Hotel. They began expansion projects throughout the mid 1990's. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross helped with the restructuring.

Trump Entertainment Resorts goes Public - A Mob Like Pump & Dump?

In 1995 the company, Trump Entertainment Resorts, was taken public.

Is it possible Trump dumped assets into the public company at overly high valuations? Did Trump assume debt, which he had no intention of paying back [like the contractors he stiffed or cut payments to contested in numerous lawsuits]? His public company went on to declare bankruptcy three more times - in 2004, 2009 and 2014.

Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, "I do play with the bankruptcy laws - they're very good for me" as a tool for trimming debt.

Trump was reportedly not involved after 2011, and it is believed possibly for some time before then. In the 2004 bankruptcy agreement, Trump reduced his stake from 56% to 27%, thus taking away control of the enterprise. In 2009 the company again restructured at which time Carl Icahn got involved. Trump won a lawsuit granting him royalties for the use of his name. In 2016 Icahn Enterprises made the company a subsidiary.

Meanwhile back in Manhattan Real Estate

Trump worked on a number of other development projects in New York City, including finishing the renovations on Wollman Rink in 1986, acquiring the Plaza Hotel along Central Park in 1988, refurbishing the Gulf & Western Building in Columbus Circle in 1994, and about a half dozen other NYC development projects. In 2002 he acquired the Hotel Delmonico on Park Avenue at 59th Street, renovated it by 2004, and sold condominiums in it - one of which owned by the man who control the Fox Fake News propaganda machine - Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch was also the husband of Wendi Deng, who was rumored to be Putin's girlfriend in March of 2016.





He acquired Mar-a-Lago, his golf resort, which was once owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post, in 1985. In 1988 and 1989 Trump hosted Wrestlemania. From 1996 to 2015 Trump owned the Miss Universe Pageant. From 2003 to 2015 Trump was the Executive Producer of the Apprentice, which morphed into the Celebrity Apprentice. There were other projects he took on too, including the failed Trump University, Trump Airlines and the Trump Foundation - at least two of which are allegedly embroiled in possible fraud.

In 1999 Trump acquired his first golf course. The Trump Organization now has 16 of them, three of which are located in Europe.

In 1993 Trump had borrowed $30 million from his siblings. He also fathered an illegitimate child that year too, by his soon-to-be second wife, Marla Maples. A couple months after the birth they married. Trump's net worth is difficult to assess, as the Wikipedia report noted,

"In 2005, Deutsche Bank loan documents pegged Trump's net worth at $788 million, while Forbes quoted $2.6 billion and journalist Time O'Brien gave a range of $150 million to $250 million."

All the oligarchs at the Trump Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in 2013 where Trump is alleged to have been famously caught on a Putin tape watching prostitutes pee on the bed or on the Donald?



Trump's mismanagement of multiple corporations.

The Trump Organization expanded its business into branding and management by licensing the Trump name for a large number of building projects that are owned and operated by other people and companies.

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, The Trump Organization expanded its footprint beyond New York with the branding and management of various developers' hotel towers around the world. These included projects in Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Panama City, Toronto, and Vancouver. There are also Trump-branded buildings in Dubai, Honolulu, Istanbul, Manila, Mumbai, and Indonesia.



According to Mother Jones, an American magazine, Trump's first interaction with the Russians came through Leonard Lauder, son of Estee Lauder, at a lunch in 1986. In July 1987 when Trump first traveled to Moscow with his first wife Ivana. They also noted that in Trump's 1987 book, Art of the Deal, [EDITOR'S OPINION: should have been named Art of the Deal Destroyer] Trump recalled expressing an interest in opening up a luxury hotel in Moscow to Russian Ambassador Dubinin at a lunch hosted by Leonard Lauder in 1986.

Not much happened in the years immediately following the fall of the Berlin wall in November of 1989. The following about Michael Caputo was found on




I had heard rumors that at one point no American bank would lend to Donald J. Trump because they didn't trust him. Deustche Bank did - but it's worth mentioning that Deutsche Bank is also frequently mentioned as a money laundering bank.




In 2007 Ivanka Trump started working with people in Panama to sell condominiums at a Trump condominium development. Reportedly the prices were inflated, but that didn't seem to matter, because of who the money was believed to be coming from - Latin American drug dealers and the Russian kleptocrats. One pundit remarked that the Trumps did seem to care much about the details.

Apparently the thing didn't work out very well, because the guy Ivanka was working with has taken up a new name and location.

Ivanka famously walked out of an interview in 2017 when she was asked about how the Chinese government had prioritized her trademarks, giving them to her when Ivanka and Jared Kushner arrived in China or Hong Kong looked for cash to refinance their loans on 666 Fifth Avenue.

The Trumps also enlisted the help of a former Soviet Union Cultural Affairs person who helped the Trumps move apartments in Sunny Isles Florida at what again were believed to be inflated prices, and again it didn't matter because the buyers were Russians who it is believed were trying to 'launder' their kleptocratic money. Some believed the woman who helped move the properties was a Russian spy - and as noted above - she 'conveniently' died right around the time Trump began his presidential bid in 2015 - reportedly of leukemia.




Russian Oligarch steel [Abramo] and battery [Rybo] companies. MERCER & Cambridge & Rybo


Trump Fixer Michael Cohen was believed to possibly have participated in something similar to this when he sold three properties in Manhattan for tens of millions of dollars.

Fox Fake News pseudo anchorman / teleprompter actor, Sean Hannity, appears to have developed a set up that could be used to do the same. Hannity is reported to have said that he'd sought real estate advice from Cohen.

Wilbur Ross, Trump's Commerce Secretary, who worked on the bankruptcy of his casinos in the 1990's, also became an investor and possibly involved in the management of the Cyprus Bank, in which Russian keptocrat Oligarch, Rybolovlev had taken a large stake. Were they using the bank to launder / move dirty money around?






Is Donald Trump America's Mobster President?

Why isn't TV News Informing America about the Appearance of Decades of Money Laundering, Con Jobs, Outright Cheats & Association with Alleged Mobsters?

Is TV Network News too Busy Covering Trump's Shock Jock Tweets [ABC / CBS / NBC / CNN & MSNBC] or Covering for Him [Fox]?

September 2, 2018 / NYC Neighborhoods / NYC Politics & Government / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

I can't tell you how disgusted I've been, working on this story over the past few weeks. Not just about all of the things I have found out about Donald Trump's sleazy, scuzzy, slime ball past - but also disgusted by how little of this I have seen or heard about these things in the corporate media.

I am so sick and tired of the corporate news outlets telling me what Donald Trump has tweeted each morning, instead of the staff working for those media outlets doing their fucking jobs and getting out into the world to gather, organize and disseminate intelligible news accounts that inform the American public as to what the hell is going on. And I find Fox Fake News reports often enough so goddamned misleading as to be absolutely worthless. The Fox Fake News Fools should be paid to watch that garbage.

My query began with wondering why Ivanka Trump hasn't been brought in for questioning by Robert Mueller and the FBI. Ivanka reportedly has been friends with Dasha Abramovich, wife of Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich, for years. Their introduction was reportedly through Wendi Deng Murdoch, ex-wife of Fox Fake News billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Wendi is reported to have, in some sense, brokered Ivanka's reconciliation with Jared Kushner on one of Rupert Murdoch's yachts, prior to the couple's marriage in 2009.

The query, as sometimes happens, took me on an investigative / research journey back through Trump's life and reported mob connections to the Genovese and Gambino crime families in the 1970's and 1980's. This was followed by a string of bankruptcies that ran from the early 1990's through the first decade of 2000's. And during which time Trump appears to have connected with the Russian mob and a huge money laundering scheme.

The net of it all is that Donald Trump looks like he's the one who should have been locked up decades ago for seemingly cheating and defrauding investors, bankers and the American people. Although it's not yet been proven - Donald J. Trump looks like a mobster himself, with a criminal rap sheet that is almost as old as he is. The Trump Organization looks like a racket, which means one of its primary businesses is to cheat people.

So where to begin? How about as he graduates from college, with four draft deferments because of bunions on his feet. This is following an account as a youngster where he reportedly physically hit a music teacher. These were early signs, that in and of themselves, could one day be meaningless. But we are the choices we make, and the Don's choices seem to have leaned heavily to the dark side.

After graduating the Donald starting working in his father's business.

Genovese crime family fats Salerno owned a large share of a concrete company that trump used.

His first development is now the Grand Central Hyatt.

He then developed the old Bonwit Teller location into what is now Trump Tower.

Trump bought his land for his first casino from a Philadelphia mobster.

Trump says he can't remember, but I have seen photos showing him with both mobsters.


Trump Meets the Mob Through Their Lawyer Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn who Represented the Genovese & Gambino Crime Families Made Many Introductions including Rupert Murdoch to Reagan

He met Roy Cohn, a gay man, who took an interest in Trump and vice versa. Cohn was reported to be the mafia lawyer for the Gambino and Genovese crime families. Cohn is said to be the one who introduced Trump to the mafia / crime world.

Cohn was also believed to be the one to introduce Trump to Rupert Murdoch, who had just acquired the NY Post, as both men were circulating in Cohn's orbit. Cohn also introduced Murdoch to President Reagan who famously began curtailing the United States regulatory environment surrounding the media - in what seems the beginning of Murdoch's decades long effort to roll back American media controls in a manner resembling what Murdoch appears to have done in Australia which in essence makes Murdoch's voice the only one that matters in that nation.


Trump Seems a Gambler Who Bets Big & Loses ... A Lot

But then Proceeds to Flim Flam his Way Out ... Like he Seems to be Planning w/ the Pardon?

He convinced the NJ Gaming Commission to limit their investigation of Trump to six months, because he was so young and hadn't enough time to develop a track record of crime.

Libutti of the Gambino crime family used to gamble in Trump's casinos all the time. Trump hit on his daughter until the guy said in essence he'd cut Trump's balls off. I guess even mobsters don't like scuzzy balls dating their daughters.

In 1991 his father famously came in and bought millions of dollars in chips which he never cashed in to help his son meet a loan payment before the Donald started in his first of six bankruptcies to date. It was at this time that he met Wilbur Ross, who is now our Commerce Secretary, who helped with the workout and enabled Trump to hang onto control of the casino through the first bankruptcy proceedings. Many years later Trump loses control.

Prior to the bankruptcy the Donald was alleged to have spent lavishly, including on his own compensation. And then the Donald started using the public company to buy the casinos he privately owned, which some allege were inflated prices.

Trump's casinos and subsequent bankruptcies enabled him to spend lavishly, build lavishly and then dump the bills on investors and creditors - a practice which he seems to continue to this day. The 2017 Tax Reform was such a bill as it rewarded the rich with tons of free cash, while borrowing it on the backs of America's babies - as Trump didn't cut government spending, but rather increased it - and the deficit is ballooning.

Starting in the late 1970's Trump married his first of three wives, a Czech immigrant named Ivana. In the early 1990's Trump dumped Ivana - or rather they broke up - after they had three children, and after Trump allegedly had an affair with his next wife to be - Marla Maples. Maples got pregnant out of wedlock and Trump married her in a relationship that ended in the late 1990's. Melania was reported to be in the picture shortly after Maples exited, starting in 1996 or 1997. They reportedly dated until 2004 or 2005, when they married. They had a son.

Melania is from Croatia or Slovenia and her father was a Communist party member or government official. It seems that around the time they got married, Trump started doing deals with the Russians. The first one I can find is around 2004 with Sater and Bayrock working on Trump Soho or the precursor to it.

Then the fun begins. Cash galore starts showing up in Panama 2006 / 2007. Florida in 2008 / 2009 when the market crashes at Sunny Isles. The famous Rybolovlev deal netting Trump $50 million profit in 2009 on something purchased only a few years earlier shortly after the market had crashed.

In Panama the money is coming in from drug lords and the Russian kleptocrats [believed to have gotten their money through fixed low prices sales of state assets]. Panama is billed as "Ivanka's baby" in 2007, shortly after Ivanka started shilling for the Trump Organization.

In Sunny Isles Florida. Another of Ivanka's babies, Russians are reported to have purchased about $100 million in condos, as the market tanks. This seems a deal with the devil. It seems like Putin is loan sharking and the Donald is going all in.

And then Soho. Where they team up with a convicted (felon?) who was involved in stock fraud in the late 1990's. Sater and Bayrock have teamed up with the BTA bBank in Kazakstan where the government officials there seem to be stealing and laundering the bank cash by getting funds from western banks and their people and then doling the cash out to fake companies controlled by the people doling it out. And some of the money ends up in Trump Soho. About $21 million, of which the Trump Organization gets $3 million.

Another organization, an Iceland Bank named FL, also buys in. In 2003 the Iceland Banks had a few billion in assets, which is about the GDP of Iceland which is home to about 350,000 people. The FL Bank was Russia friendly, apparently had lax banking standards so the Russians used it to launder money. Somehow got involved / took a stake in Trump Soho and lost. In 2009 they defaulted in $140 billion - think about that growth from the few billion only a few years earlier.

Who paid the tab? Maybe the American taxpayer, but they don't know it because the American corporate TV media does such a crappy job of keeping people informed.

Donald Trump Seems to be Associated with Sales for Hotels or Condos that Never Came To Be






PART VII. It Seems Putin's Russia's Attack on America was aided by a Traitorous Murdoch / Hannity Propaganda Machine w/o which it Would not have Won

Make No Mistake About it this is akin to the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 & the Osama bin Laden Led Terrorist Group Attack on the World Trade Center 911 in 2001

With a Twist, as it Appears this Time, the Attackers were Aided by Traitors with American Citizenship

Consider the complexity of Putin's clever mobster-like mind and the boldness, like Osama Bin Laden, of attacking America.

Czarist Russian 'President' Putin appeared to: 1) use the Russian Oligarchs to scramble the onslaught with strategic financial media investments in Facebook & Twitter, 2) launch a pro-Russia propaganda public relations campaign aided by [Wendi Deng?] Rupert Murdoch's Fox Fake News propaganda machine [aided by celebrity, pseudo patriot, pseudo anchorman, Fox fake news scammer Sean Hannity who promoted Russia and Assange], 3) help fund Trump's campaign by paying inflated prices for Trump real estate, and 4) hack Trump's opposition at his request. and our voting apparatus in x states.

Murdoch's Fox Fake News and Sean Hannity appear to be co-conspirators who relentlessly attacked the opposition, spun the negative news reports, hammered away at the Clinton emails - and both of whom appeared to have profited handsomely - to the tune of millions or billions - since Trump took office. WSJ story suppression just before election.

Also Bob Mercer with the Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, and suppression of a negative story about the Playboy model affair just before the election.

It was such an incredible surprise attack on America - just like 911. We had no idea and we were caught off guard and have been scrambling to contain the damage from the Trump presidency ever since.

But there's a difference, as those who appear to have betrayed us - the Trumps, the Murdochs and their American and Russian friends and cohorts - have yet to be brought to justice.


PART VIII - Benedict Donald: The Fake President of Russia & Fox Fake News?

How Scum Rises to the Top in Russia and the United States?

Russian Oligarch Blavatnik makes play for venture with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin - Hollywood deal scrapped?

Drop Texas Oil Co. bid by Russian Oligarch or Putin / state co dropped to avoid scrutiny?

Mercer became hedge fund billionaire in a very short period of time. Has links to Deutsche Bank & Rybo / Kushner. Is it possible his hedge fund success was related to Russian funding? Paid off Playboy thru Enquirer, owned controlling shares of Brietbart, and his yacht spotted next to Russian Oligarch Rybolovlev in Palm Beach in Nov / Dec 2016 - check dates.


Did Trump Win Because of Russian Funding, Plenty of Compromised People on the Russians' Payrolls & Rupert Murdoch's Propagandistic Fox Fake News, WSJ and NY Post?

Putin companies.

Industries. Ties. Media CA. Technology NC. Minerals. Real Estate. Hacking. Corrupt government officials. Murdoch.

Many Possible Reasons as to Why the Russians Hacked America Election 2016

Reasons why. Access to U.S. military technology and security. With a Manchurian candidate in the White House, and compromised people like son-in-law Jared Kushner, it seems possible American security could be compromised. Agents for the U.S. were killed in China shortly after Trump took office. When Trump first came to office he talked a lot about the nuclear codes.

As preposterous as it sounds, one has to wonder whether he, Ivanka or Jared Kushner compromised them? It's no less preposterous a scenario than contemplating an American presidential working with a hostile foreign power to win an American election by hacking the opposition and the voting apparatus in multiple states. It's right out of a James Bond movie, which is why the two adolescent boys - Trump & Putin - probably hatched the scheme. Or to ask whether one could sell non-existent hotels / condominiums like in Baja or Azerbaijan.

Reasons why. Exercise new found Russian power using the modern tools of economic, media and cultural warfare. A war on truth, so-to-speak. Shoots journalists, human rights and democracy advocates, and opposition political figures.

Buy into American media and influence others. Use money with politicians like Mitch McConnell who is about as representative of Kentucky as Ghengis Khan. Took money from Alfi. And Alfi wasn't sanctioned, nor were its Oligarchs. That's what money to Mitch has done and can do.

So why? The Magnitisky Act hampers the flows of money around the world, but the Russians and Chinese seems to be conspiring on this. Secondly Trump says he wants to eliminate trade barriers which would work favorably toward some of the Oligarchs' huge investments in large natural resource companies vis a vis the developing countries in Africa and Latin America.

Like Trump, Putin appears to have ambitions to expand Russia's borders again to include countries like the Ukraine, possibly Romania and Poland. That's why he wants to weaken NATO - so there won't be a cost to this. He can do this by manipulating Trump. Trump has said he wants to set up Trump Hotels throughout the Eurasian area, which is in the Russian sphere of influence.

Third, Trump pulled out of Georgian Hotel, where he was doing business with an Iranian backed company. Now he's attacking the Iranians economically by not renewing the treaty deal and threatening our allies if they continue with the treaty. That is clearly a violation of the Emoluments Clause and worthy on its own of impeachment - let alone all of the changes to American Foreign Policy he's done since coming to office that appear to have been bought and paid for like moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel, helping the Saudis bomb the Yemenis, letting Chinese communications company with state ties sell its equipment in America, playing with tariffs like he's god - hurting his opponents and favoring his friends. Mobster style like Putin. This is reckless disregard for fairness and rule of law and another impeachable offense.

For impeachable offenses you can add campaign finance violations with his pussyfooting payoffs. The acceptance and use of his 'profits' from the Russian Oligarch real estate purchases in Florida which appear to have been the 'seed money' for his campaign.

You can rest assured that the Trump Tax Reform Bill probably provided loopholes that the Russians could benefit from, in a manner similar to the write offs given to people owning vineyards like Trump in Virginia and Murdoch in California do.

One of Abramovich's companies is supplying the steel for the Dakota Pipeline. This is after the Donald said it wouldn't be made unless it was made with American steel. But like everything the Donald says, it was more deceitful, dishonest, distracting dung coming out of the Donald's cesspool mouth.

Rybolovlev had purchased a company that was going to be making and shipping large batteries in containers - which begs the question as to whether that was going to be a Russian front for embezzling technology out of the nation and god-knows-what into America.

The Russian banks would benefit too. One of the Russian banks, VTB, is said to be Putin's piggybank. Kushner pitched them for a huge loan shortly after the Donald won the 2016 election - but decided against it - as the accusations that there was Russian interference in our election began to hit the public awareness. Instead Kushner found another suitor. And just prior to the election Kushner landed a $250 million loan from Deustche Bank, one of the Donald's longest running more or less continuous banking relationship. The Deutsche Bank had just paid a multi-billion fee for money laundering.

Think of how much Trump's cabinet looked like a Putin Christmas - when Rex Tillerson of Exxon who had done deals with Russia was named Secretary of State [that didn't work out], Wilbur Ross who's been in bed with the Russian Oligarchs through the Cypress Bank becomes U.S. Secretary of Commerce, compromised Kushner and vile Ivanka are named unofficial members of the White House Staff. Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg goes to the Inauguration, he in part paid for, where he socializes with Trump's fixer who he puts on the payroll. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is there with his Transportation Secretary wife - and Mitch has been taking funds through his campaign from Alfi, which is a financial firm controlled by another Russian Oligarch - xyz.

We knew Washington D.C. was a swamp. But Trump has quickly managed to turn it into a Russian sized, Trump branded cesspool.

Add in the other guys. And find out who is sanctioned. And talk about the importance of a free press.

So why does Trump keep attacking the free press? Because he, like Putin, doesn't want the people to find out the truth. And if they hear the truth - he doesn't want them to believe it. Because unlike Putin - he's not as free to murder journalists, lock up opposition candidates [like the 'Lock Her Up' Hillary] or murder human rights activists. Because try as Trump might, with the help of Hallucinating Hannity and Media Fuhrer Murdoch, there have been enough people in America who have bravely stood up for rule of law and for each other - regardless of race, gender identity or creed.

Our Founding Fathers would be horrified at seeing Trump in the White House. But he was not unexpected. That's why they include the Emoluments Clause and that's why they included the Impeachment process and that is why they included the sanctity of the First Amendment and free speech and right to peaceful gathering. But they can't do it all for us. We have to do our part. A government by the people and for the people doesn't exist if the people don't pay attention, don't play an active role and don't participate in the democratic process.

Only 28% of the potential voters in the nation elected Trump. Hillary also won 28%, so that means that almost half of the nation - 44% - couldn't be bothered to register to vote to protect the system that millions have died to establish and preserve. These people are not patriots - they are freeloaders.

What would please the Founding Fathers is that so many have awakened, so many have protested, so many have begun not to ask their Democratic and Republican representatives to do something - but are telling them to. We need a whole new Congress.

We need the peaceful revolution that Kennedy talked about, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make a violent revolution inevitable." Our Founding Fathers paved the way for a peaceful revolution. We need to act on it, because we all know that the people in Washington aren't going to change anything because the system is working just fine for them.

Insanity is when one "repeats the same mistakes and expects a different result". This quote is often misattributed to Einstein [many quotes are], but actually first appeared in an 1981 Alcoholics Anonymous brochure. The point is that you can't keep voting and electing the same people and expect anything to change.



1. The Fake News Fake President Has Compromised Most American's Futures & American Interests Around the World

Is the cess pool in Russia is washing up on our shores, in large part to the presidency of Donald J. Rump with the help of Keith Rupert Murdoch's Nazi-like propaganda machine?

Make no mistake about it. Russia, under Putin, appears not only a hostile foreign power, but a danger to American rule of law and therefore a danger to all Americans. I think the American government needs to retaliate in order to dissuade Putin and Russia for acting in such a hostile, harmful manner.

2. Trump is Failing to Address the Nation's Biggest Problems

SEE PART II FOR HOW WE'VE BEEN COMPROMISED TO DATE. He's not solving affordable housing, he's not paying down our debt or reducing our deficit, he's using the government apparatus to attack the press, the courts, the voting apparatus, the rule of law, and the people who oppose his dictatorial Nazi-like style. Jared & Ivanka in 2024? He fosters hate. He lies. He appears to have broken at least half of the 10 Commandments on a fairly regular basis. If someone on the Religious Wrong tells you they support them, you tell them they are FAKE CHRISTIANS. Jesus Christ, based on what the Bible says, would not approve of this man.

Trump said Russia doesn't respect us and that seems the truth or they wouldn't have ATTACKED US in the 2016 election.

But Trump lied when he said that Russia would respect us when he became president. You need only look at the body language in the footage from the Helsinki meeting where Putin definitely has the upper hand.

Now, with Trump in tow, Putin's Russia is disrespecting us, because a near enough majority of us were so easily manipulated into voting for someone who appears so ready to betray us. But it wasn't just the Russians who deceived us. Trump wouldn't be president were it not for Rupert Murdoch's Fox Fake News.

And Trump appears to be rewarding Murdoch handsomely with FCC regulatory rollbacks and a leniency from the Justice Department regarding Murdoch's inverted takeover of Disney / ABC.

3. Conspirators' Payout: Trump is Turning American into a Russian Style Kleptocracy

Over the past couple of years Donald Trump appears to favor dictators over heads of democratic states. Trump with the help of Rupert Murdoch's Fox Fake News, appear to be disrupting and create chaos among democracies in the Americas, Europe and Asia, while reaching out to hostile foreign dictators.

Why? Perhaps because they only care about increasing their money and power and don't give a rat's ass about the American people or democracy.

CLICK here to see report on the Trump Kleptocracy.

4. What will it take to Wake Up the Fake Christians - the Christian Right Gone Wrong?

There's No Way JESUS CHRIST Would Support a Lyin', Stealin', allegedly Pussy Grabbin', Porn Pumpin', Whore Beggin', Dictator Lovin' President who Rewards the Rich, Turns Away the Poor, & Uses the Government of the American People to Separate Children from their Parents

So why are the southern Christian pastors instructing their flocks to support such a compromised human being? Aren't they violating the sacred trust invested in them by their congregations, by supporting this president?

Somebody needs to wake these people up before we Americans become a weakened people like the Russian peasantry, or worse, until we're all goosestepping to our graves.

Mahatma Ghandi, nicknamed the Great Soul, led 750 million Indians to freedom without a single shot being fired. He said, "Live the change you want to see."

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