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Sunnyside Yards History NYC: History of Trains & Railroad Yards in NYC & Real Estate Development

Mar 23, 2017 at 01:53 pm by mikewood

sunnyside yards history railroads & trains yards nyc history sunnyside yards real estate development

Real Estate Development: Sunnyside Yards History & NYC Railroad History - Special Report Series

There's Been Talk of Developing the Real Estate of Sunnyside Yards NYC

Updated March 2017 / NYC History & Neighborhoods / Sunnyside Yards & NYC Railroad History / Gotham Buzz NYC.

sunnyside yards sunnyside yard photoThe following is a series of reports we have run and continue to evolve to provide background and context for the residents and voters of Sunnyside, Long Island City, Astoria, Queens, and perhaps NYC, to use to evaluate the respective pros and cons of public policy with regard to the future development of Sunnyside Yards.

The first report is a brief history of Sunnyside Yards, most of which we picked up in a book presentation by historian / author Dave Morrison at the Greater Astoria Historical Society.

The second report provides a summary overview of the development of Queens in the 19th and 20th centuries. Showing how the development of transportation affected real estate development in Queens.

The third report takes a deeper dive into the 20th century development, exploring the same line of thought with regard to the interwoven importance of transportation and real estate development.

The fourth report is expected in late April, which will show the 20th century history of development - the specifics of which will be arriving shortly.


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Several years ago, during the Bloomberg Administration, the Hunters Point South development & affordable housing NYC was approved by Community Board 2 and subsequently approved by the New York City Council and Mayor Bloomberg. Click the link above to read the earlier report. Click these links to gain a broader perspective of the Long Island City Neighborhood in which these units reside.

Click this link to go to the:

Sunnyside & Woodside Neighborhood

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